Permit Fees

Building Permits
New Construction & Remodel of Existing Fee
Finished Space $0.40 per square foot
Unfinished Space $0.20 per square foot
Minimum Permit Fee $45.00
Maximum Permit Fee $25,000.00
Electrical Permits
Residential Fee
Temporary Service $30.00
Change/Upgrade of Service $40.00
Addition to Existing Wiring $30.00
New One & Two Family Dwellings $60.00
Commercial $60 minimum plus 1% of the total cost of the job
Internal Plumbing Permits
Fixture Fee   Fee
1-4 Fixtures $40.00
Each additional fixture above four $10.00
All other internal plumbing permits $10.00
Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Systems
Complete Disposal System Fee
Engineered System (includes one disposal area) $200.00
Non-engineered System $250.00
Primitive System (includes one alternative toilet) $100.00
Separate Grey Water Disposal Field $35.00
Seasonal Conversion Permit $50.00
First-time System Variance $20.00
Permits for Separate Parts of Disposal Systems Fee
Alternative Toilet (only) $50.00
Disposal Field Only $150.00
Treatment Tank Only (engineered system) $80.00
Treatment Tank Only (non-engineered system) $150.00
Holding Tank $100.00
Other System Component $30.00
Heating Permits
All Heat System Types $40.00
Miscellaneous Permits
Directional Sign $75.00
Street Opening $50.00
Certificate of Occupancy $25.00
All Other Permits $40.00