When is a Permit Required?

It is the goal of Brewer Code Enforcement to help Brewer homeowners and businesses understand and meet the City of Brewer code requirements with the least possible inconvenience to the owner.

The Code Enforcement Office issues the following permits which are required before the indicated work is started, including but not limited to:

Building Permit -  new structure, expansion of an existing structure, structural repair or alteration, removing or adding a wall(s), changing window or door sizes, fence installation, decks, building demolition, or moving a building.

Electrical Permit – new electrical wiring, new electrical equipment (except plug-in type equipment), or alteration or addition to existing equipment or wiring.

Oil Burner Permit
– new or replacement oil burner, new or replacement fuel supply tank of ten gallons or more, new or replacement wood stove, or a new or replacement chimney.

Plumbing Permit – new or replacement water distribution or drainage pipes, new or replacement hot water storage tank heater, relocation of pipes, valves, fixtures and drains, or new or replacement or alteration of subsurface wastewater disposal system.

Sewer Connection Permit – connection of new structure or expanding existing structure.

Sign Permit – new, replacement or altered sign.

Street Opening Permit – digging in the street right-of-way.

Filling and Grading: The City Engineer will inspect and approve the issue of a filling and grading permit for 200 yards of fill or less. For fill and grading requiring more than 200 yards, contact Code Enforcement directly at 207.989.7790.

The homeowner of a single-family dwelling can be issued all of the above permits provided that the homeowner actually does the work. A contractor that is doing electrical, oil burner or plumbing work must be licensed for the trade, and the licensed contractor is responsible for getting the permit to complete the work.

The cost of any required permit is usually very small compared to the cost of the project, but the cost of NOT getting the necessary permits can be very large.

Inspections are made at a mutually convenient time in order to ensure compliance with safety and technical standards.

Zoning standards require property line setbacks for structures and also impose certain use restrictions depending on the zone. It is highly recommended that you check the requirements for any major project well before the work begins.

Before a new or renovated structure can be occupied, a Certificate of Occupancy is required from the Brewer Code Enforcement Office.