Summer Recreation Activities

Individual Programs:  Please see Summer Brochure: will be online in April.

Sport Activities & Clinics:  Please see Summer Brochure: online in April.

Special Events:  Please see Summer Brochure: online in April.

Volleyball:   The Brewer Auditorium is open on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. for pick-up volleyball games.  Players of all ability levels welcome.  Fee is $2.00 per night.

Fitness / Wellness

Adult Fitness Class:  This new program provides an energizing workout  that is perfect for all fitness levels and will enhance your overall health and well being with aerobic and conditioning routines. Participants should bring an exercise mat with them.

Adult Yoga:  Join certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor Bunny Barclay.  Classes are designed to improve, strength, flexibility, balance and to increase the minds ability to focus and relax through self awareness.  Class format will also include postures and guided relaxation/meditation. Participants should bring a yoga mat with them.

Adult Zumba:  Participants of all ages & fitness will enjoy this program’s energizing latin flavor music and movements with toning & sculpting in a fun and invigorating atmosphere.  “Ditch the workout and join the party!”

Adult Co-Ed Softball

Two divisions of play offer players a fun and competitive way to recreate while enjoying softball.  ASA associated league.  Rosters accepted beginning in April.

The current schedule can be found here: Softball Schedule


Youth Karate: Instructor Penny Johnson will lead participants through progressive classes introducing Goju Karate Do.  Introductory  classes are a great way to improve participants’ self confidence, self control and respect while having fun.

Adult Karate:   Improve your self control, confidence, awareness and respect all while getting into shape with Instructor Gary West.

Other Activities

Senior Citizen’s Club:  The Brewer Senior Citizen’s Club meets regularly on Thursdays throughout the year at the Brewer Auditorium in the Seniors Center.  Guest speakers, pot lucks, weekly card games, and trips provide local seniors the opportunity to socialize and stay active.  For more information, contact us at Parks and Rec at 207.989.5199.

Brewer Hometown Band Concert Schedule: The schedule for the Hometown Band concert can be found in our summer brochure by clicking here.