Comprehensive Plan

Planning would be a fruitless exercise without a clear idea of the kind of place citizens want Brewer to be in the next 5, 10 or 20 years. Planning must start with a vision. Only then can we determine how close or how far away our community is from being the kind of place we want it to be, and what we need to do to move it in the right direction.

The City of Brewer’s current Comprehensive Plan was developed in 1995 with input from its residents, businesses, and governmental staff. The 1995 Comprehensive Plan can be viewed in two files: Comp Plan Part I Findings (pg 1-154)¬†and Comp Plan Part II The Plan (pg 155-218).

The City of Brewer can capitalize on the economic opportunity made possible by its urban location and access to an excellent highway network, and at the same time maintain and enhance its “small town” quality of life — safe and quiet residential neighborhoods, good schools, river and neighborhood parks and paths, a friendly atmosphere, distinct rural and developed areas, and an affordable tax rate.

Currently, the City of Brewer Comprehensive Planning Committee is working to update its plan. Current copies of the Comprehensive Plan draft documents can be found here, and the minutes from previous meeting can be found here.


Contact the City Clerk’s Office¬†for copies of the plan and copies of the maps:

Brewer City Hall
80 North Main Street
Brewer, Maine 04412
Telephone: 207.989.7050