Comp Plan Drafts

In the draft documents below, the Comp Plan Committee has taken the 1995 version of the City of Brewer’s Comprehensive Plan and updated the documents to reflect the current state of the City of Brewer. It begins with inventories of all the departments, followed by an updated DRAFT version of the goals, policies and strategies that the City of Brewer would like to follow moving forward. Please note: all forms of these documents are working documents and are in DRAFT form. The final comprehensive plan will not be adopted until City Council votes in favor of its acceptance.

Vision Statement for the City of Brewer


1. Population
2. Economy
3. Housing
4. Transportation
    Plan 04-01-Transportation Infrastructure
5. Public Safety
6. Municipal Government
     Plan 06-01-Public Facilities
7. Municipal Finances
8. Schools
9. Public Works
10. Water Supply
      Plan 10-01-Public Water Service
11. Wastewater and Stormwater
      Plan 11-01-Public Sewer Service
12. Solid Waste
13. Recreation
Plan 13-01-Open Space & Trails
14. Water Resources
      Plan 14-01-Watershed & Aquifer
      Plan 14-02-Flood Plains
15. Natural Resources
      Plan 15-01-Wildlife Habitat
16. History
      Plan 16-01-Archaelogical Sites
17. Land Use
      Plan 17-01-Current Land Use Map

Goals, Policies & Strategies

Plan 18-01-Future Land Use Map