Brewer Landfill

Summer Hours Landfill (April 1 to October 31):

Tuesday (8am – 3pm)
Wednesday – Friday (10am – 3pm)
Saturday (9am – 3pm)

Winter Hours Landfill (November 1 to March 31):

Tuesday (8am – 3pm)
Thursday (10am – 3pm)
Saturday (9am – 3pm)

The recycling center is available for use 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Disposal Fees (vehicles): 

cars $5; station wagon/van/suv $7; pickup trucks $25; large dump trailer $50; dump trucks $70

Disposal Fees (specific items):

Annual Permit $2.50

Tires without rims $3; Large truck tires $5

Freon containing appliances, refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers etc. $15

Propane tanks 20 pounds $5; tanks larger than 20 pounds $20

Mattress and box spring or mattress alone $15

General Rules:

The recycling center and landfill accepts most materials providing they are not hazardous, considered universal waste, or contain any food waste.

For more information call the Landfill/Recycling Center during regular business hours, 989-8433, or click here for complete rules. (provide link to solid waste)