Other Public Works Functions

Not only are we responsible for keeping the roads in good working order, we are responsible for a number of other functions:

Brewer Landfill

Two members of the Public Works team work at the CDD (Construction Demolition Debris)  Landfill – Daisy Wilson, the Recycling Coordinator, works the gatehouse and Mike Hewes, Landfill Operator, works on top of the landfill.

Vehicle Maintenance

George Skillin, Shop Foreman, oversees two mechanics that maintain all City-owned vehicles and equipment in all City Departments. We also provide after-hours emergency repairs to City plow equipment during snow storms.


Ricci More, Purchasing Agent, tracks all fuel usage and maintenance for City equipment. He is responsible for purchasing supplies for the Public Works Department and other departments. Ricci also readies bid documents for replacement equipment, and maintains files on City equipment, along with a variety of other tasks.

Sewer Line Maintenance

Two SSES (Sewer System Evaluation Study) Technicians work out of the Public Works Department in conjunction with Waste Water Pollution Control, cleaning and inspecting sanitary sewer lines through the City.