Special Programs

Spring Cleanup

During the month of May, the City typically provides a curbside collection service for brush, white metal/metal, and leaves.  During this program, we typically also provide one week of free disposal to Brewer residents at the Brewer landfill, during which time, residents may bring in bulky waste to the landfill for disposal.  Information on Spring Cleanup’s program is usually posted in April and can be found here.

Leaf Collection

Twice a year, the City gives residents of Brewer the opportunity to clean up leaves from their property and have them hauled away at no charge.  The spring collection takes place at the beginning of May, along with the Spring Cleanup program, and again in mid-November.  Click here for this fall’s program information.

Christmas Tree Recycling

Following Christmas, the City provides two means of disposal for resident’s Christmas trees.  We provide a central drop off site in the parking lot near the lower entrance to the Brewer Auditorium off Wilson Street where the trees can be dropped off anytime throughout the month of January. The second option is trees can be taken to the Brewer Landfill during regular business hours and added to the brush pile, free of charge.  Trees dropped off at the Auditorium are picked up weekly by the Public Works Department and added to the brush pile at the landfill.

Once a year, the entire brush pile at the landfill is ground up by a contractor, at no cost to the City, and the material is all reused.

Special Curbside Holiday Rubbish Program

The City will run this special collection program for two consecutive weeks: the week starting Monday, December 29, 2014 and the week starting Monday, January 5, 2015. For more information click here.